Emergency Management & Asset Protection


VuTeur is advancing the security industry with proprietary technology called IRIS (Internal Real-time Intelligence Software) by using Real-time Location System (RTLS), 2-way communication, and analytics in coordination with existing physical security systems including access control, video surveillance, intercoms, intrusion detection, emergency management systems and more.

Features & Technology

VuTeur is designed to identify, locate and interact with all campus stakeholders. Taking an inside out approach with security management, focusing first on open space monitoring of individuals and assets then coordinating with the physical security infrastructure to provide a more comprehensive and effective situational management solution.

Just the Facts

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Industry Solutions

VuTeur is the most effective mustering and forensic reporting platform on the market today. When paired with our Real-time Location (RTLS) tracking and visitor management services, you'll instantly know where every person is within your global footprint. Our industry leading technology can be tailored specifically to your needs and applications. The system uses standardized communication protocols allowing devices to exchange messages, define incidents and manage the flow of users throughout a physical environment. VuTeur is easily adopted, highly adaptable and simple to use. Connected with your existing access control system, VuTeur provides a complete solution for your campus perimeter and everything within its walls.


VuTeur empowers superintendents & principals throughout all aspects of an emergency event so they may respond quickly & make decisions based on critical, real-time information from those closest to the incident. Our technology helps quickly achieve & sustain situational awareness with law enforcement thus ending emergencies quickly & saving lives.

Corporate Campuses

Our extensive background in helping corporate campus evaluate threats, implement management systems, provide staffing and training has led us to developing the most robust Corporate Threat Identification and Tracking System available today. With VuTeur, you're able to deal with internal employee conflict and external threats faster and more efficiently than ever.


VuTeur RTLS delivers proven mobile device detection, asset tracking, location alerts and monitoring for government agencies, military installations and high security installations at home and abroad. Our advanced data analytics provide you with high-level threat identification and the ability to engage, communicate and confine.


At airport & transport hubs, your best customers mix with unknown & potential threats. Our RTLS platform provides a canopy of protection to staff & visitors -- putting their safety first and your mind at ease. Our Mobile Key also provides you with new ways of securing facilities while our Visitor Management allows you to view and locate all visitors.


The average hospital can lose over $4,000 per day in lost wages due to time spent searching for emergency personnel and mobile medical equipment. VuTeur's Asset Tracking platform provides instant ROI to your health care facility wile providing you with Incident Management, a Communication Network and Visitor Management.


VuTeur's technology is a dynamic new way to identify, locate and interact with clients at your facility. Our technology empowers you to engage with customers on their mobile devices in Real-Time. Automated alerts inform the location of your most loyal clients along with visitor analytics help build a clear profile to understand customer traffic.