Features & Technology

VuTeur serves the needs of stakeholders by providing a coordinated communication network for all routine and threat-based situations. Through this communication network, we inform administrators so they'll know when an event is occurring. This notification will include the person(s) involved, their location and provides them with real-time updates on the event so that they may make the best decisions on how to limit the threat and help save lives.

Emergency Management

Only VuTeur helps your organization quickly achieve and sustain situational awareness with law enforcement thus bringing emergency situations to a close faster and with fewer losses.

Asset Protection

Asset tracking and location with pinpoint accuracy is achieved in real-time and allows you to tag a geo-fence or the location of individuals associated with the asset and alert on asset move.

Communication Network

The VuTeur Integrated Communication Network delivers real-time bi-directional unified messaging using in-app messaging, text messaging, eMail and voice.

Incident Management

Empower team members throughout all aspects of an event so they can respond quickly & make decisions based on critical, real-time information from those closest to the incident.

Emergency Management

Administrators and First Responders can manage together key events through our timeline of communications to help save lives. This coordinated emergency management communications network helps bring emergency situations to a close faster, with fewer losses.
  • Real-Time Alerts Via Sms/Chat/Email
  • Direct Users To Best Routes For Safety
  • Send “Silent” Alerts
  • Identify Missing Or Wounded
  • Remotely Accessible By Law Enforcement
  • Quickly Locate People In Buildings

Asset Protection

Identify and track to account for all hardware assets on the IT infrastructure to provide comprehensive inventory visibility.
  • Eliminate Equipment Loss Due To Theft
  • Store & Review Asset Information
  • 24 Hour Identify & Track Location Of Assets
  • Zone Based Alerts
  • Quickly & Easily Create Custom Zones
  • Inventory Reporting

Communication Network

The VuTeur Integrated Communication Network delivers real-time bi-directional unified messaging using in-app messaging, text messaging, eMail and voice. We provide organizations an additional hedge of protection around your facility and allow each team member to play a part in keeping their campuses safe and secure.
  • Centralized Team Communication
  • Safe, Private & Secure
  • Rapid Two-Way Communication
  • Broadcast Alerts To Entire Community or Specific Team Members
  • Real-Time Image & Video Sharing
  • Send Silent Alerts in Emergency Situations

Incident Management

VuTeur’s Incident Management platform delivers the tracking and automation your organization needs to respond to incidents appropriately — no matter how large or small. Assign team members to task based on automated workflow steps, communications may be sent and rules setup to ensure your organization and your team is properly advised and informed at critical points in any incident.
  • Multiple Users In Multiple Locations
  • Incidents Are Reported Into A Central Repository
  • Prioritize And Categorize Incidents
  • Real-Time Image & Video Sharing
  • Custom Alert Features For Groups & Incident Types
  • Digital Paper Trail - Fully-Documented Timeline
  • Minimize Response Times

Visitor Management

Check-in all visitor types to your business or facility via the web, tablet and mobile. From guests to staff, students to couriers and even contractors, VuTeur provides your organization with a complete visitor management system.
  • Visitor Check-In
  • Quickly Locate Visitors with Pinpoint Accuracy
  • Communicate With Visitors On Site
  • Mobile App Check-In For Repeat Visitors
  • Reporting And Analytics On All Your Sites
  • Complete Audit Trail of Visits

Access Control

VuTeur’s Mobile Key, provides mobile authentication for Access Control, a more cost effective and secure credentialing method for both small and large global access control systems.
  • Provides Multiple Levels Of Authentication
  • Eliminate AntiPass Back Forever
  • Fully Integratabtle With All Access Systems
  • Reduces Lost & Multiple Card Expense
  • Mustering and Forensic Reporting

Intrusion Detection

Create Zones, Watch List and leverage RTLS monitoring creating a custom layer of security for your facility. When combined with other security disciplines such as video surveillance or access control, we help you to increase your security at your facility.
  • Facility Zones
  • Mobile Registration
  • Uses Your Existing Radio Frequency (RF) Technologies
  • Zone Alerts

Analytics & Reporting

VuTeur captures, analyzes and maintains rich and robust data sets on behalf of our partners. Using our analytics suite, your organization can gain insights to customer behavior never before available.
  • Heat Map
  • Mobile Reporting & Alerting
  • Fully Documented Historical Records
  • Chronological History

Real-Time Location System (RTLS)

Leveraging VuTeur’s mobile technology platform, you can quickly improve your campus’ overall safety and security while creating an overall better connected community.
  • Locate Unknown Devices Operating In Your Facility
  • Real-Time Zone-Based Alerts
  • Ensure Individuals are Accounted For and Safe
  • Distinguish Between Known And Unknown Devices
  • Transforms Smartphones Into Personal Safety Devices